Such A Killing Crime



Greenwich Village, 1963.  The heart of the folk music revival.  Joe Talley runs The Riding Beggar, an up-and-coming coffeehouse.  When his favorite singer-songwriter is killed on his stage, Joe goes in search of a demo tape, the only existing copy of the victim’s songs.  But a murderer may be  looking for it too… 




Such A Killing Crime



Kind Words and Love Letters


Tom Paxton, folksinger/songwriter:

“Spooky.  If I’d known he was watching us all so closely, I’d have behaved much better.”


Roger Deitz, Sing Out! Magazine:

“A delight to read. The novel is a mixture of folk scene memorabilia juxtaposed with sharp, fast-paced mystery writing.” 






SJ Rozan, author of Absent Friends:

“In the pre-Beatles sixties folk music was, briefly, king.  Lopresti paints a loving portrait of those heady days.” 


Jo Dereske, author of the Miss Zukas mystery series:

“Lopresti’s love of folk music shines. His tale is peppered with historic personalities of the folk music world.”


“An engaging first-person narration, an appealing love interest, fast pacing, and a well-drawn sense of time and place drive this satisfying mystery.”