AHMM July/August 2020

  • “Professor Pie is Going to Die,” in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, May/June 2024.
  • “No Escape,” in Mystery Most International. 2024.
  • “Slow News Day,” in Mystery Monthly, February 2024.
  • “Late Bus,” in Black Cat Weekly. #125. 2024.
  • “When You Put It That Way,” in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, November/December 2023.
  • “I Saw Her Standing There,” in Happiness is a Warm Gun: Crime Stories Inspired by Songs of the Beatles, 2023.
  • “Harborville,” TOUGH. September 11, 2023.  Read it for free.
  • “Memorial.” Black Cat Weekly. #95. 2023.
  • “Law of the Jungle.” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, July/August 2023.
  • “Hypnogogia.” Mystery Magazine, May 2023.
  • ‘The Accessory Club.” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, March/April 2023.
  • “Murder in Mudville,” Mystery Magazine, October 2022.
  • “Kill and Cure,” Mystery Magazine, August 2022.
  • “The Dance of Love and Hunger,” The Book of Extraordinary Femme Fatale Stories, 2022.
  • “The Suicide Club.” Black Cat Weekly. #43. 2022.
  • “The Lord of Falling Objects.” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, July/August 2022.
  • “The Man in the Quarry.” Black Cat Weekly. #29. 2022.
  • “Lambs and Wolves,” Death of a Bad Neighbour: Revenge is Criminal. 2022.
  • “The Man From Topeka,” Black Cat Mystery Magazine. #11. 2022.
  • “Meet me at the Morgue,” Die Laughing: An Anthology of Humorous Mysteries. 2021.
  • “Taxonomy Lesson,” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, September/October 2021.
  • “At The Circus,” Monkey Business: Crime Stories Inspired by the FIlms of the Marx Brothers. 2021.
  • “Why Judy Why,” Only the Good Die Young: Crime Stories Inspired by the Songs of Billy Joel. 2021.
  • “The Fourth Circle,” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, May/June 2021.
  • “The Library of Poisonville,” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, July/August 2020.
  • “Worse Than Death,” Black Cat Mystery Magazine #6, 2020.
  • “The Damned Doorbell Rang.”  The Misadventures of Nero Wolfe.  2020
  • “Please Do Not Disturb.” Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine . January/February 2019
  • “Nobody Gets Killed.” Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.March/April 2018. Read it for FREE.
  • “Train Tracks.” Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.January/February 2018
  • “The Chair Thief.” Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. November/December 2017.
  • “The Cop Who Liked Gilbert and Sullivan.” Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine . #23. 2017. Winner of the 2018 Derringer Award for Best Short Story.
  • “On The Ramblas.” Murder Under The Oaks: Bouchercon 2015 Anthology.  2015.
  • “Nakhshon,” Jewish Noir.2015.
  • “Shooting at Firemen.” Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.July/August 2015. Finalist for the 2016 Derringer Award for Best Long Story.
  • “The Roseville Way.”  The Anthology of Cozy Noir.   2014.
  • “The Accessory.”  Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine .  June 2014.  Listed in the Other Distinguished Stories category in BEST AMERICAN MYSTERY STORIES 2015, edited by James Patterson and Otto Penzler.
  • “Two Men, One Gun.”  Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.  October 2013.                                                                          
  • “The Present.” The Strand Magazine.   February-May 2013.  Winner of the Derringer Award for best short story.
  • “Brutal.”  Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.  September 2012.
  • “Why.”  Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. May 2011.
  • “Hammer and Dish.”  Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.  June 2010.
  • “The Shanty Drummer.” Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine.”   August 2009.
    “The Center of the Universe.”  Seattle Noir.    2009.
  • “The Hard Case.”   Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.  April 2008.
  • “On The Bubble.”  Show Business Is Murder .  2004.
  • “Nailbiter.”   Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery  Magazine.  September 2003.  Winner of the Derringer Award for best short story.
  • “The Old Man’s Number.” MysteryNet.  Twist #158. February 7, 2000
  • “The Shoemaker’s Children.”  MysteryNet.  Twist #150. December 8, 1999
  • “Just The Ticket.” MysteryNet.  Twist #144. October 20, 1999
  • “Dear Mr Picknell.”  MysteryNet.   Twist #128. June 20, 1999
  • “Selective Memory.”  MysteryNet.  Twist #122. May 19, 1999
  • “Dead Giveaway.” Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine.  Summer 1995.
  • “Until I Do.” New Crimes 3. 1992.
  • “A Small Case Of Arson.” P.I. Magazine. Spring 1991.
  • “Hit and Run.”  Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.  February 1990.
  • “The Witch Downstairs.” Black Cat Mystery Magazine. Fall 1982.
  • “Killing Is Easy.”  Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.   November 11, 1981.
  • “The Dear Departed.”    Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.    24 June 1981.  Honor Roll, Year’s Best Mystery and Suspense Stories.
  • “Burton’s Beat.”  Mike Shayne’s Mystery Magazine. June 1981.
  • “The Long Treason.”  Mike Shayne’s Mystery Magazine. October 1979  Available for free online.


  • “The Charity Case.” Black Cat Mystery Magazine. #7, 2020.
  • “Crow’s Lesson.”   Malfeasance Occasional: Girl Trouble.  2013.
  • “Crow’s Avenue.”  Hardbroiled .  Betancourt books.  2003. FREE audio drama version from the Midnight Mystery Players.
  • “Four of a Kind.”” Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.1994.
  • “Crow’s Feat.”  Constable New Crimes 2.  Constable. 1993.  Nominated for the Anthony Award 1994. 
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  • “”Big Heart Harry’s Case.”  P.I.Magazine.  Summer 1990.
  • “Crow in a Storm.”  P.I. Magazine.  Winter 1990.
  • “Crow’s Game.”  P.I. Magazine.  Winter 1990.



Shanks on Crime

  • “Shanks’s Sunbeam.” Murder, Neat: A SleuthSayers Anthology. 2024.
  • “Shanks’s Role Model.” Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. March/April 2024.
  • “Shanks in Retreat.” Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. January/February 2024.
  • “Shanks’ Locked Room.” Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. March/April 2021.
  • “Shanks Gets Out The Vote.” Low Down Dirty Vote 2, 2020.
  • “Shanks Saves the World.” Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. May/June 2020.
  • “Shanks Goes Rogue.”  Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. May 2016.
  • “Shanks’ Mare,” Shanks on Crime,  2016.
  • “Shanks For The Memory,”  Shanks on Crime,    2014.
  • “Shanks’ Ghost Story,”  Shanks on Crime,    2014.
  • “Shanks At The Bar,”  Shanks on Crime, ,   2014.
  • “Shanks Holds The Line.” Shanks on Crime,  FREE at Trace  Evidence (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine blog).  May 5, 2014.
  • “Shanks’ Ride.”    Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. and Shanks on Crime.   April 2013.
  • “Shanks Commences.”  Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. and Shanks on Crime. May 2012.
  • “Shanks on Misdirection.”   Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. and Shanks on Crime.   July/August 2009.
  • “Shanks Gets Killed.”  Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. and Shanks on Crime. May 2009.
  • “Shanks on the Prowl.”    Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. and Shanks on Crime..   May 2006. FREE audio version, courtesy Crime City Central.
  • “Shanks gets Mugged.”    Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. and Shanks on Crime.  December 2005.
  • “Shanks Goes Hollywood.”    Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. and Shanks on Crime.   April 2005.
  • “Shanks at Lunch.”   Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. and Shanks on Crime. February 2003.


  • “Please Pass the Loot.” Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. May/June 2022.
  • “The Red Envelope.”   Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.  July/August 2013.  Winner of the Black Orchid Novella Award.  


  • “When the Aliens Left.” Black Cat Weekly. #124. 2024.
  • “In Praise of my Assassin.” Mystery Weekly  Magazine. June 2020
  • “Robot Carson.” Mystery Weekly  Magazine. December 2019
  • “Street of the Dead House.” nEvermore!  2015.  Selected for inclusion in Best American Mysteries 2016 AND Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror: 2016.
  • “Letters to the Journal of Experimental History.”  The Town Drunk. 2006.
  • “Down In The Corridor.” Jigsaw Nation. 2006


  • “A Bad Day For Algebra Tests.”  Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.  November/December 2018.
  • “A Bad Day For Bargain Hunters.”    May 2014. Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.
  • “A Bad Day For Pink and Yellow Shirts.” Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.  May 2004.

Devil Chased the Wolf Away


  • “Devil Chased The Wolf Away.”  Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.   January/February 2014.
  • “Snake in the Sweetgrass.”Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.  December 2003.  Available as a free podcast.


  • “Uncle Victor Gets Lost.” Futures Magazine.  First Quarter 2004
  • “Uncle Victor On A Roll.”  Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine.  Summer/Fall 1998.
  • “Uncle Victor Takes A Lunch.”  Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine.  Winter 1998.
  • “Uncle Victor On Watch.”  Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine.  Fall 1998.
  • “Uncle Victor Boots Up.”  Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine.  Fall 1997.
  • “Uncle Victor’s First Case.”  Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine.  Spring 1996.