A comic crime caper.  With issues.



Sal Caetano is a happy man. He’s the brains behind a New Jersey Mafia family and he expects to be made the boss soon. But everything changes on the night his first grandchild is born and he hears a news report claiming that by the time she grows up climate change will have wrecked the world.

For Sal this is unacceptable and he decides to use all of his Mafia skills to save the environment. Hey, how hard can it be?

Pretty hard, it turns out. Turns out the mob doesn’t want to change. Neither do the politicians he talks to. Soon Sal is fighting for his life with rivals inside and outside his own family; not to mention the FBI which holds a grudge against him. And all he wants to do is save the world…


“One of the best mysteries of 2015.”  – Kings River Life Magazine



Kind Words and Love Letters


Steve Steinbock, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine:

 “If Carl Hiassen and Al Gore had collaborated on RESERVOIR DOGS, it might have come out something like GREENFELLAS.”


Sandra Murphy, Kings River Life Magazine:

“Sal is a delight as he figures out ways around what most would consider insurmountable objects. The dialogue and action are fast paced… I’m just jealous I didn’t think of the idea for this book first—’green’ with jealousy. ”  –

“This is an unusual, complex, and fascinating book about ethics as a last resort.” – Peter Berryman








Ed Gorman, Writer of the Sam McCain series:

“A fine, fun story that is not without serious depth and warmth. I loved it.” 


S.J. Rozan, Edgar-winning author (as Sam Cabot) of SKIN OF THE WOLF:

“A hilarious, albeit chilling, eco-Mafia novel — a new species.  Lopresti knows his mobsters, his New Jersey, and his science, and knows how to make it all sing.” 


Bill Crider, bestselling author of the Sheriff Dan Rhodes mysteries:

“GREENFELLAS has a great concept and vivid characters, both criminals and commoners. There’s snappy patter and a fast-moving story, and it’s funny, too.  Elmore Leonard fans (and everybody else) should snap this up immediately.”


Jackie Sherbow, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine:

“What do you expect when you pick up a novel about New Jersey mobsters? Robert Lopresti’s GREENFELLAS has plenty of genre motifs, but it’s the unusual characters, vistas, and twists that will surprise and amuse the reader.  In GREENFELLAS, Lopresti defies the reader’s expectations in a contemporary way, and the result is a fun and suspenseful read.” 


Terence Faherty, Shamus-winning author of the Scott Elliott series.

“A funny, fast-paced crime story whose serious points pack the wallop of a forty-five.”